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Domperidone: What you need to know

Domperidone should be used as a last resort for mothers who have trouble making enough milk for their babies, after all other measures to increase supply have been attempted. Domperidone will not work unless the mother is moving her milk regularly and efficiently as necessary for good milk production, and will not make up for an inefficient or inadequate pump. That is why it is important to try all other mechanical milk production increasing measures before seeking out medication.

Domperidone is controversial because it is unavailable in the United States, except at Compounding Pharmacies (see saftey information below), but it can make a world of difference in the life of a breastfeeding mother and baby who have tried everything and just can't make enough milk. It can be obtained much less expensively at some online pharmacies, because it is an over-the-counter medication in most countries.

For information on how to increase milk supply without medication, visit: Increasing Your Milk Supply

If you have tried all the methods in the link above and are still struggling with supply, read Faith's article "Domperidone: What You Need To Know" and educate yourself before taking any steps.

Then, join this Facebook Support Group for Mothers Taking or Considering Domperidone to learn from other moms who have experienced or are experiencing similar struggles! Peer support is wonderfully beneficial.

Please Contact Me if you have any further questions about low milk supply!

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